A Bigger Vision

A Bigger Vision

I know that visualization is central to utilizing faith as currency, as collateral, as kind.  I learned that limitations in visualization results in half-written stories.  Faith gave me all that I visualized in Ethiopia – I got my brick house on the land grant near my childhood brother.  I did not visualize one minute passed that moment.  I knew I had to live in Ethiopia, but I figured my years of training and experience in Jamaica would afford me the opportunity to find a niche, my niche to earn an income.  In reality, once I had attained all I had visualized, I reverted to learning mode.  This time in one’s journey requires resources or ‘day jobs.’  I had none and no back up resources.  Neither could I readily visualize an income stream because I was at the bottom of the learning curve in a new country with a new language.  As much I resisted, wanting to stay and figure it out, I knew that with faith as my currency, I needed a proper vision.

I saw the need for advanced English training in Shashemene.  The English signs of business places were often not grammatically correct.  Shashemene was developing into a city and business with international partners was growing.  I remember a businessman offering me any job I wanted because he thought I spoke English so well.  Today I regret not taking the job, but I feared losing my investment status and maybe by extension, my house.  I started to visualize an English Language consultancy with a management component (as was required by my investment permit) offered in a large classroom I would build in the front of my yard.  There was no shortage of persons to train, and I would need staff, which I also easily located.   But the time was running out on my visa and I could not build the classroom, a requirement of the business license, in time.  I returned to Jamaica to work and earn.

Now that I am here looking at my life in Ethiopia, my vision is getting larger and larger.  I figure, why limit the vision to what I think I can earn, but to what would be the best thing knowing the place.  I would like to build a clothing factory with a mall.  This factory would be equipped by dozens of machines and clothing paraphanelia.  Designers will be invited to have their collections sewn there.  The mall will retail and display these designs as well as the craft of many repatriates who are unable to locate markets for their products due to their status in the country.  This factory would hire local seamstresses and tailors as well as train young persons in sewing and design.  A modeling company will train models to international standards for presentation of Shashemene designs in regional and Africa-wide fashion shows. Shashemene Designs will be sold locally, regionally and internationally.

Of course, to do this the investment would need to be much larger.  But with a bigger investment, more repatriates could be given status or work permits.  Now to finance this venture with Faith, I had to tighten up the visualization and wait as the universe conspire to make it so, even as I work and save.  Because with Faith, it is often not one’s effort that brings rewards, but it is because of that effort that one is rewarded.

Africa is large and the scale can be daunting but I believe if we think on that scale, we will be more than welcomed there and we would be doing something significant for Shashemene.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.