I am Ann Marie Witter, firstborn of identical twin girls of Veron Audley and Enid Bernice Witter in Kingston, Jamaica.  Living in Ethiopia taught me to always identify yourself through your parents.  My deceased father and grandfather’s names are on all official documents with the Ethiopian local government.  I am a single mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters, all of whom are doing very well, and for which I thank the Most High God and I clap myself daily.  They have given me two wonderful granddaughters who are the epitome of this age and time — bright, beautiful, talented, and without a shred of shyness.  All this and my graduate education was accomplished, while I pursued my lifelong goal of fulfilling the dream of the Rastafarians to own a home on the land granted to the people of the West by HIM Haile Selassie I, former Emperor of Ethiopia.  My header pic represents my second great accomplishment after raising my gorgeous children, that is owning my own home in Shashemene, Ethiopia.  A feat I could never achieve, given my single family income status, in Jamaica.  What a joy when my youngest child, Makeda, agreed to accompany me to Ethiopia.  There we were, first time travelers to this ancient country, with only the names of a few friends who resided there, and the intention to repatriate to Africa.  Glory, joy, rapture, bliss, there was internet, satellite TV, hot water, homes for far less than a downpayment in Jamaica, and lots of opportunity for business.  Sadness, however, to learn that an investment permit was required to do business and reside there.  To date, I am still trying to sort out the funds to get licensed to do business, and working as well on encouraging a companion to stay with me in Shashemene.  My daughter, who took the trip with me, went to live in Kigali, Rwanda, the home of her father, and is doing amazingly well.  in the meantime, I do consulting in Jamaica to earn my way back home.

The journey continues.



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