10 lessons life has taught me.

At 63 years old and only two months away from my father’s age when he passed, I think I have earned the right to publish lessons that life has taught me.

1.  Time is your friend.  Respect time and time will work with you.

2.  The still voice within is never wrong.  If you feel uncomfortable about something, there is usually a reason.

3.  If your motives are honorable, detractors will always come crawling back.

4.  Faith is a currency that is available to you when you need it, not a second before.

5.  It is better to live alone than compromise incessantly for companionship.

6.  Always try to finish what you have started because only then do you deserve an opinion.

7.  Under the distortion and noise, there is usually a kernel of truth in most arguments.

8. Forgive for your own sake.

9.  You are continuously writing your life story so occasionally check to see if your story has become boring with sameness.

10. Make sure your decisions will not negatively impact the family.  Their lives are eternally connected to yours no matter how far away you are or how long ago you have seen them.


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